Financial Help

Types of Grants Available

If you are a single mom, many grants are available to give you a hand-up in life when it is needed the most. You’ll find an array of grants available for a variety of purposes. The purpose of the grant is to make it easier to achieve the great things in life that you know are possible. If you are interested in learning more about the different types of grants for single moms out there, continue reading.

College Grants

Single moms with a college degree earn 40% more than their counterpart without a college education. Grants are available for single mothers, with many different types available. You can apply for any of the grants that you qualify for and are interested in. the amount of the grant varies, but cash can be used for any purpose necessary for your college.

Housing Grants

Housing grants help single mothers achieve the American dream of home ownership, provide assistance for home improvements for homeowners, and provide subsidized cost housing that makes it easier for single moms to give their kids the life they deserve.

Childcare Grants

In some U.S. cities, childcare costs exceed $300 per week. Massachusetts and New York are the two cities with the highest childcare rates, although other states are not far behind. Grants make it easier to cover the burden of childcare costs for single parents who need to work.

grants for single moms

The grant types listed above are just a few of the many available to single parents who need a helping hand. The grants are available to men and women across the U.S. To apply, follow the instructions accompanying the grant, or obtain a FAFSFA.  Although not everyone will win a grant, you may very well be the chosen one. It never hurts to try!